Tuesday, September 27, 2005

a thankful heart Here are some of the things that I am thankful for this year: 1. For being able to be thankful (last year was hard on me, and it was difficult to have a heart of gratitude). 2. For a loving family who is so supportative and fun to be around--I am truly blessed with a wonderful family. 3. For four living grandparents who love me so much. 4. For good friends new and old. 5. For my puppy (who is chewing up my whole home, but offering me loving compainionship as well). 6. For being able to live in Taiwan 7. For having my needs (and most of my wants) met. 8. For being able to work at a job I love. 9. For my students--who make me feel special. 10. For finding out what was wrong with me and being able to take steps to correct it. 11. For becoming more healthy and whole this last year--physically, emotionally, spiritually. 12. For safety. 13. For peace that cannot be explained. and last but not least . . . 14. For a God whose love is beyond measure and is without condition. 15. For the neverending grace and mercy of my God. 16. For eternal salvation that does not depend on me. Sidenote: Being grateful in English / American culutre is a different concept than being thankful in Mandarin / Taiwanese culture. In Taiwanese culture you should be thankful TO someone. But in English, we are simply "thankful for something." I suppose that perhaps this is related to our concept of God. But I can't be sure what the difference is . . . right now I only recognize that it is there. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

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