Saturday, January 21, 2006

yeah, but why TAIWAN? (Part 3) This is part three of a multi-post series, part one is here and part two is here. Over winter break as a sophomore in college, me and my roommate decided to take winter break classes. So we hung out in an empty dorm complex together for two weeks of mini-classes. I started reading the short version of Hudson Taylor's biography. He was the first missionary to inner China. He dressed like the Chinese people--even with the long ponytail. He also sacrificed much--wives and children in addition to physical items. God was stirring my heart through reading Taylor's life and of his love for the Chinese people. I knew I needed to go to China. However, there were two organizations I could go with. One I knew I could go to China, but the other I would check a box that said "send me anywhere you feel led you to send me" (which meant I could be serving in downtown Dallas--NOT A BAD thing at all, in fact I was doing that already every week.) Point is I knew to be obedient I needed to go to China--so which organization do I choose? (A) I know will send me to China or (B) can send me anywhere they wanted me to go. I choose B. Why? Because every time I prayed, God was telling me to go with B. It was another difficult decision. It is always difficult to choose to trust a God I cannot see who doesn't write answers next to my questions for me in my journal. :) I think it was also difficult because I was sure God was telling me go to China and he was also telling me go with B. However, what if B sent me to Mexico? Did that mean they weren't listening to God? Did it mean I was hearing God wrong? My heart was not at rest even though I was being obedient. My human-ness was still making me nervous and fearful. Yet, when the assignment listing came from B, guess where Amanda was headed? That's right: China. God was in control. I should have trusted Him and been at peace. (It was a wonderful two months in China. Again, many life changing events occurred. Maybe I can write about that at another time.) Now, Amanda had decided China is where she should spend her life, not Taiwan. She even talked to people who help place others in Asia. A "high-up" from one organization told her, "if you can handle China, then China is where you should be. The need in China is great." But did you catch the second word of this paragraph? That's right, "amanda." I just assumed that China is where I should go, where I should be. That was the "hot spot" of the time--where all the action was taking place. In addition, since I had spent two summers overseas, I had decided that I should stay in the USA this summer to take a few summer...

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