Wednesday, January 18, 2006

seeing time One way Flylady has changed me is in the way I see time. First of all, I no longer see hours. I see sets of 15 minutes. For example, "I am meeting friends at 2, and it is now almost 12:30. That means I have 6 sets of 15 minutes. That means I can get 5 things done and take a little 'me time' too." I didn't even realize this had changed until this morning when I was going to the breakfast stand and thought, "alright, I have 8 sets of 15 min; what am I going to get done this morning?" Another thing that has changed about how I think about time is I no longer think about the arriving time--I only think about the departing time. When my friend asked me, when are you going to be here, I answered with "I will leave here are 4:45. So, I should be there between 5 and 5:30." This way I don't have to feel guilty about heavy traffic and rush to get there at a very specific time. All I need to do is be faithful and leave at 4:45. So, how does this work with other things that start at a specific time? Well, since I live in Taiwan, I don't have to worry too much with appointments. At many doctors' offices we are given numbers, and I know approx. when number 42 should be called so I will just leave my house at a certain time. If I am there and he is still at 30, its ok because I brought something to do. If I am there and he is on number 48, its ok because the nurse will work me in next. (At other doctors' offices they don't have "appointment numbers," I just show up and know I will be seen within about 15 minutes.) So, here in Taiwan, the only thing I really have to show up at a certain time for is class. (And even that is relative as most teachers just show up within the first 10 minutes of class after the bell.) However, I still do my "I will leave here by . . ." thing for school to. I know I live a 5 minute walk from school, so I just tell myself that I will leave 15 minutes before I need to be at school. Thus, on my calender, I have leave times, not arrive times written down. This has made a world of difference for me. (I'm not sure if this last thing is a "flylady" thing, but it changed as I became a flybaby--so I'm still giving her credit for changing this in me.) Oops, I have now gone over into my next 15 minute block by 2 minutes. I gotta jet for now. Off to do some room rescuing!!
thinking thankfully on thursdays Starting today, I am borrowing Carmen's (from Full Contact Christ-Centric Living) idea of "Thinkful Thanking" on Thursdays (she gave me permission to borrow, so I don't have to steal--Thanks Carmen!!). I remember nearly a year ago now going to a hospital here in Taiwan to see an obgyn. A lady behind the "visitor center" helped me find out where my doctor was located and even walked me most of the way after I had tried on my own and failed. My heart felt thankful to her for her assistance. This was a very special moment for me because it was probably the first time in a year and a half that I had felt thankful to anyone for anything. It was one of the first signs that I was coming out of my depression. It was a GREAT feeling! I think that moment of true gratefulness to some stranger will forever be etched in my heart as a very monumental moment. And, thus, at that moment I learned the joy in needing help, being helped, and being thankful for the help received--a hard lesson indeed for a first-born, stubborn, I-can-do-it-myself perfectionist. So, without further adieu, this week I am thankful for: my puppy (he makes me smile) my winter break (started yesterday and continues till end of Feb) my colleague Kady (who always finds time to listen to me ramble and is excited about life AND who is a great gift-giver too) a new missionary friend, Mary Agnes (she selflessly has been extending her friendship and sharing her family with me) my brand new blender (that i got on sale) a God who loves me without condition

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