Friday, February 24, 2006

the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth Hmmm . . . no one guessed the right answer to this post. Like Bethany, I included truth in most of them, but changed just a little to make them fiction. It's kinda funny the three almost trues were all guessed, but the total truth one and the total lie one both were not. :) 1. I have been to Hong Kong, Japan, Mainland China, and Thailand, but never Mexico. And, I claim both Taiwan and Texas as "home." This one is almost all true except that I have never been to Thailand. Thailand and Korea are both on my "would love to visit list." This one was sneaky of me--sorry. :) 2. My sister and I knew my mom was going to have a son before she did--we were 13 and 15 years old when he was born. Again, almost true. My brother was born when I was 15 and Sarah was 13. I had started to pray for a brother long before my mom was pregnant; Sarah joined me. When I decided to tell my mom about our prayers, she got quite upset at me and said very sternly, "never pray things for others without asking them first!!" I still remember exactly what we were doing at that moment--peeling potatoes together in the kitchen. When I told her, she thought she was going through early menopause but actually she was pregnant with Sam! The two sonograms done both indicated Sam was a girl. Sarah insisted that he was a boy because we had prayed for a brother. Mom picked out a girl's name "Victoria Paige" (meaning: one who announces victory) and bought lots of pink things. When the baby entered the world, the doctor announced he was a boy--mom actually told the doctor, "no he is not. I am having a girl!" Anywho, after talking about names Samuel Joe Austin was decided on. We had been referring to the baby all along as Baby Sammy. Later Dad looked up the meaning of Samuel. It means "God hears." Perfect! 3. Right after I got my driver's license, I drove through our family's garage door--leaving a large gaping hole. This really did happen. It just happened before I got my license. I was 15, my mom was 8 months pregnant, and Dad was out of state on his annual fly-fishing trip. I freaked out as I sat there with the car's hood still 1/2 in the garage with the door staring right at me. Mom just said, "stop being so emotional. put it in reverse and get out of the car. you have to tell your dad." To this day, I do not know how she remained so calm. We called Dad, mom talked first. When I got on the phone he said, "So, I hear you put a new window in the garage door, what happened?" I then gave further details. I don't remember his exact words, but they were calming and comforting and ended with something like "don't...

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