Monday, March 27, 2006

gilby is at the vet's I have been avoiding taking Gilby to the vet to be neutered. Partly cuz I am scared for my little guy, and partly cuz I was afraid of not understanding or communicating well with the vet, and partly cuz I had no idea what to expect, and partly cuz I didn't have even a clue how much it would cost. So, after thinking about it for 3 months, I finally went this evening to ask about it and make an appointment to have it done. The vet I choose was nice, informative, and did a good job making sure I understood him. When he handed Gilby back to me--it was obvious that Gilby was scared. So, I held him and comforted him while the doctor added up the cost. Gilby was finally ok; I agreed to the cost and asked when the procedures could be scheduled for. "Now is ok. You can pick him up tomorrow." My heart did a flippy flop. WHAT!?! I wanted to have more time to procrastinate. I wanted to have more time to think about it and tell Gilby bye. But, no. The vet then reached and took Gilby from me and took him to the back. Tonight around 10 pm Gilby will be castrated and have a few remaining baby teeth pulled. Yes, my vet will be doing surgery on my little puppy boy late at night--welcome to Taiwan. Just now, I was feeling sad in my empty home--missing my little puppy boy greatly. I thought "I should talk to God about Gilby." Then I thought, "No. That is silly." "Why is it silly, Amanda? Remember the fridge?" "Oh! That's right!! God does care about me!! And since I care about Gilby, and He made and then gave me Gilby, He must care about Gilby too!" "God, please take care of Gilby for me. Help the vet to do a good job. Help Gilby to heal quickly. Thank you, oh so very much for caring about me . . . and Gilby too."

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