Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Oh Lord, You're Beautiful Keith Green's song "Oh Lord, Your Beautiful" is perhaps one of my all time favorite songs to worship the Lord with. I love it. In fact, for several years now, I have wanted this song (the WHOLE song) sung at my funeral. (The only reason I know this or thought about this was there was a class offered at my college where one assignment was to plan your own funeral. I didn't take this class, but I thought about the assignment. This song is the only real decision I made in regards to my own funeral.) There is more than one version of it. There is one part that is most commonly known by many people that we sing today. But, there are other versions--all sung by Keith Green--on different albums. It was like he was writing the song and editing the song as he led others in worship. Here is my favorite version: Oh Lord You're beautiful Your face is all I see For when Your eyes Are on this child Your love abounds to me Oh Lord my body's tired But You keep reminding me Of many holy, tireless men Who spilt their blood for Thee I wanna take Your word and shine it all around But first help me just To live it Lord And if I'm doing well, Help me to never make a sound * Except to give all the glory to You * Oh Lord my faith is small And I need a touch from You Your Book of Books lies on this dirt And the prayers from me too few Oh Lord please light the fire That once burned bright and clear Replace the lamp of my first love That fueled with holy fear *In another song these lines are: And when I'm doing well, Help me to never seek a crown. For my reward is giving glory to you.

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