Saturday, March 11, 2006

music from my childhood I grew up listening to Keith Green. To this day, I love his music. I've been listening to it again this week. Everytime I do, his songs challenge me and push me deeper into the presense of the One I love wholeheartedly. The Keith Green record cover that sticks out most in my mind is the one of him with the lamb over his sholders. I knew that must have been the way that Jesus would have carried a lamb. His songs still bring back strong memories of childhood, of being raised by godly parents who were in love not only with each other but with their Savior. I cherish those days of simplicity. Dad said it and that was that. No need to question. No need to doubt. He was the ultimate authority. Birthday gifts were playdough and Seasme Street posters. Life was good. I cherish those days of no worries. Mom and dad took care of everything. I had no need to think about tomorrow--or really even today. I knew without a doubt that they would take care of whatever came or was needed. Life was good. I remember sitting around the dinner table as a family and listening to the records of Keith Green, Amy Grant (when she was a teenager), and the Marantha! Singers. Mom played these and others while she cleaned, and I danced and sang alongside her as she vacuumed. I remember Sarah and I playing over and over again a homemade cassette tape of Marantha! worship songs (recorded from their records)--usually before bed to go to sleep. Life was good. I remember longing to be more like Jesus, longing to live a life that pleased him. I remember wanting to be just like my mom and just like my dad. Life was good. All those feelings and memories along with the desire to be fully devoted to and completely passionate for Jesus like Keith Green was (his autobiography , written by his widdow, is a must read) wash over me each time I listen to him sing. Music is so powerful. I am thankful that in my life the music my parents played while I was growing up was glorifying to God because even to this day those songs I heard way back planted seeds and desires in my heart. They still strongly affect me now. They still cause me to want to glorify God and worship Him. Life is good.

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