Friday, March 31, 2006

the carnival of beauty: flowers "I do not think I have ever seen anything more beautiful than the bluebell I have been looking at. I know the beauty of our Lord by it." (Gerald Manley Hopkins) Flowers are BEAUTIFUL!! Truly they are works of art each carefully designed by the Creator God Himself. I am glad you have joined us this week as we celebrate together the beauty of flowers and the beauty of our Lord Jesus! Iris @ Sting My Heart As she was thinking about the beauty of flowers in her post Flowers Cheer the Spirit, Iris also remembered the promise of God not to worry about tomorrow. Barbara @ Tidbits and Treasures Barbara says she loves flowers, especially roses. So, she claims just a rose will do. In her post she also explains that Scripture says Jesus is the Rose of Sharon. Deb @ On the Vine This week, Deb posts about the influence of her grandfather in her love of flowers in Thanks, Grandpa! Heather @ Mom 2 Mom Connection Heather shares what her Japanese homestay mom taught her about the art of Flower Arranging. Blair @ Blair's Scribblings As a teenager, Blair's Scribblings reveal a lot about her beliefs concerning love. Now an adult, she still feels much the same way but ponders that through Christ we have Love Like a Rose. Christie @ crickle's nest Do you ever wonder what God produces from the Seeds We've Sown in serving Him? Sometimes He actually gives us a glimpse of how He works, as Christie observes in a post written by her daughter Hannah. Deb at Mountain Musings Deb posts about a very Unforgettable Delivery of a bouquet of beautiful flowers she received several years ago. Leann @ The Prattling Pastor's Wife Even in the midst of a desert existence God can bring beauty and life. The Living Water of Christ can grow a lush and fruitful life. Find out how in Leann's post Beauty in the Desert. Malissa @ Malissa's Merry-go-round Malissa shares with us her passion for Lilics in both the memories of days gone by and in the description of how she enjoys them in the present. me @ following an unknown path Flowers--especially sunflowers and daisys--make me smile, but eventually flowers fade. Thanks for joining us this week. Please join us next week over at Ellen's blog for The Beauty of Technology. The Carnival of Beauty is sponsered by Sallie @ Two Talent Living.

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