Saturday, April 08, 2006

from my mom Sarah, my younger sister, actually came home from the hospital on my second birthday. I thought she was a great birthday present . . . well, that is until she kept crying and took all the attention I used to get away from me. So, I bit her. And, I bit her hard. :) But, I digress. Sarah and I were blessed to be raised by parents who were brand new born again believers. They were excited about Christ and sought to obey Him the best they knew how. God was a natural, exciting, everyday part of our life. I love my childhood. I have only good memories. I love my parents. I only have good things to say about them. I hold them in such high esteem. I admire them both. Even though I can't believe how young they were when they had us and raised us (when my mom was my age--she had an eight year old and a six year old), I don't think they could have been better parents. I am blessed beyond measure!! Earlier this week, my mom mailed me a letter for my brithday. I asked her if I could share part of it in my blog, and she said that would be ok. I kept some of it just for me; although all the ". . ." are hers--not missing parts I saved just for me. :) Without further adieu, here is my mom: It is hard to realize it has been 28 (TWENTY-EIGHT!!!) years ago that you were born . . . I was so really, really, young and I had NO clue what it meant to be a parent. However, Thanks Be to God . . . He was so faithful and merciful to lead me through His Word, His church (thank you Grady and Mary Ann!), family members (thank you Mary for all you shared!), and Christian authors (thank you Dr. Dobson and Kevin Leman !) to show me how to love, nurture, teach, admonish, and guide my precious new baby girl. I am so amazed at how God has worked in your life these past 28 years . . . we really didn’t do anything special . . . we just trusted God with your life and He has been (is!!) so faithful to you and to us. People often ask me, “is it hard for you to let her go to Taiwan . . . Aren’t you worried about her?” and I have to admit, “No, it is not hard . . . because it is so obvious that is where she desires to be and where God wants her . . . why should I be worried and upset that my daughter is doing what her heart cries out to do AND doing that which puts her smack-dab in the middle of God’s will?” I rejoice that you are doing what your heart desires! I do MISS you tremendously and frequently wish we could go to the...

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