Tuesday, April 04, 2006

scooting around Here I am on my moped!! The first pic is my current moped and was taken earlier this year. (I know; I need a better helmet. I'm working on it.) The one on the right was taken in 2003--me on my very first moped. (That moped was stolen in the fall of 2004.) Ok, confession time: When I take personality tests, I always check that I do not like adventures. I do not consider myself an "adventure loving person." When I confessed this to my friend (an American who also lives here in Taiwan) she was shocked. She told me she thought I had a great sense of adventure. Her reply included something along the lines of "you drive a moped in Taiwan--that is very adventuresome." She got me to thinking. And, I think she is right. Adventure does make me smile (. . . most of the time). Later, I came back to read my blog, and I saw the quote I had from Helen Keller in the description line: "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." :) And, the other day I caught myself thinking that being a contestant on an Amazing Race type game would be a blast! I guess I was embracing adventure without realizing it. I guess that is another one of those crazy things that God has changed about who I am, and I didn't even realize it on a conscious level. I guess from now on I better check the "likes adventure" box when I take a personality test, huh? :) Charlotte, a fellow Taiwan-blogger, calls her blog "Always an Adventure." I guess that truly is what life is--in Taiwan or anywhere! Yipee!! Let's go!! Hop on the back and I'll take you for a spin. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here is the answer to the question that prompted this post in the first place: Q: Do you drive a scooter in Kaohsiung? A: Well, yes. I do drive in the city--which is crazy--but not unless I have to. I live in Kaohsiung County--so when leaving my apartment, if I turn left I end up in Kaohsiung City after 30 minutes of riding but if I turn right I end up in a sea of rice and pineapple fields in less 3 minutes of riding. Also, I walk to work--so I don't ride daily. AND--I got used to riding a moped while living in Meinong--which is major countryside with few stoplights and very light traffic. The first time I rode in KH city--I was freaking out inside--it was a heart-pounding I-don't-know-if-I-am-going-to-live-to-tell-about-this kind of moment. At first, I would hop off and let one of my student's "drive" as soon as we hit the "city" part. Now, I am ok . . . well, on most days. So, my scooter riding adventures have been more-or-less a let-the-water-warm-while-the-frog-is-already-in-the-pot kind of acclimation. Does that make sense? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alright. Now, I'm ready . . . where do you wanna go? Vrroom. Vrooom!!

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