Wednesday, April 26, 2006

my sister is now a wife. Well . . . we made it! My baby sister got married. Sarah is now a wife. She was a beautiful bride, and I think she really had a great time Friday. After the wedding, I kept hearing people say that my dad really "socked it to them." He does not take lightly the covenant of marriage and spoke straight from the heart to them. Their vows were amazing, and his charge to the couple will be impossible for them to keep. In fact, my dad even said that before he started. He said (something to the effect of), "What I am about to charge you with will be impossible for you to accomplish. You won't be able to do it." But that is kind of the point, right? We (none of us) can do things apart from Christ in us. Without the Holy Spirit working in and through us it is impossible for us to be patient, kind, not envy, not boast, not be rude, not be self-seeking, not be easily angered, not keep a record of wrongs, not delight in evil, rejoice with the truth, protect, trust, hope, and preserver. Yep, i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e. Another thing I am really proud of is the way that Sarah and Chad choose to handle themselves before their wedding day. Even though they have owned a house together for a few months, they have choosen not to live in it until after the wedding. One lady when hearing this said "oh, what a waste." Whatever!! I am so proud of them both for waiting . . . how special! Way to go guys! Last week was filled with errands, decisions, problem-solving, and mini-crisises as we tried to put all the finishing touches on the wedding and the wedding reception. But . . . we made it!! I am so very glad I was able to spend a few days with my sister before her wedding, not only to help her prepare for the "big day," but to spend time with her and make a few more memories. I have added a whole slew of pictures to my flicker account . . . . check them out if you want to. There are random photos below both from "wedding week" and from the wedding itself. Perhaps if I feel led and I get the time to do so . . . more wedding reflections might follow. Or, maybe they won't. We'll see. Just wanted to get a post up that said essentially, "all went well, and she was breathtaking as she glowed all night." :)

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