Saturday, April 08, 2006

pour out my heart If you have hung out with me "in person" you would know that I love music. I constantly have music playing, and if there is none playing--I make my own. Songs are able to express emotions and feelings I have in ways that no other means can. For me it is: skip the shoe shopping--lets go buy some new CDs!! [But let me just insert here that I am a total amateur in music--can't read it, can't write it, can't tell if I am on tune or not, and am only just now starting to learn to play an instrument. Music is just a passion. Make a joyful noise, amen?] Just now, as I was taking a break with Gilby in my lap, I just let my heart pick a song and started singing it. It, my friends, is a perfect song for the Living Beyond Yourself study I am doing. Beth (Moore) taught us last week that we need to pour out confessions and concerns in order for there to be a pouring in and pouring fourth of the Spirit in our lives. Just look at the lyrics of this Vineyard worship song written by Craig Musseau!!! Here I am once again I pour out my heart For I know that You hear Every cry You are listening No matter what state my heart is in You are faithful to answer With words that are true And a hope that is real As I feel Your touch You bring a freedom to all that's within In the safety of this place I'm longing to . . . Pour out my heart, to say that I love You Pour out my heart, to say that I need You Pour out my heart, to say that I'm thankful Pour out my heart, To say that You're wonderful! But, lyrics alone aren't enough . . . you must listen to this song! It is AWESOME! (Here is a clip of it I found online.)

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