Tuesday, June 20, 2006

yes is yes; no is no Why do we needlessly feel that we must explain ourselves? And, why do we ask others to promise that they really mean what they say? During wedding week, my mom and I started saying "no explaination needed." Yes, we will have different opinions and ideas, but since we were all competent women we could trust that even though they were different they were still all good ideas. There was no real need to explain and justify every decision we made. Oh, it made life so much easier. We didn't have to defend everything; we argued less because we just trusted each other and quit justifying everything. Recently when someone was going on ad nauseum about their answer when a simple "yes" or "no" would have sufficed, I remembered something my dad taught me a long time ago. I had asked him to do something. He said "yes." I then asked him to "pinkie swear" that he really would do it. He responded that his "yes was enough." He then quoted the second half of James 5:12 "Let your 'Yes' be yes, and your 'No,' no." My eathly father was teaching me, but my Heavenly Father was convicting me. I really did not need to ask others to promise above and beyond their "yes" and "no." I needed to trust others and allow my own "yes"s and "no"s to simply be yes and no. You know what? Life is actually much easier when we know someone's "yes" is yes and their "no" is no. No need to doubt. No need to question or beg. We can trust that they mean what they say. Life is also eaiser when we don't have to "pinkie promise" or explain why. So, I am consiously trying to once again be aware of the command in James 5:12--and be obedient. Trust me; it's not as easy at it might seem.

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