Tuesday, June 13, 2006

it's official That's right. It is now official. I am now (and have been for over a month) in the state of "extended singleness." That is, at least according to Caroyln McCulley in her book Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?. There is more than one way to join this exclusive group of men and women, but I get to be a card-carrying memeber of the "extended singleness" club because I have a younger sibling who is married. I was a little worried, selfishly, that I would hear many, many dreaded comments at the wedding. "So, when are you getting married?" "You're next!" "Don't worry; your time will come." But to my relief, it only happened once--after the bride and groom were on their merry way. I am so glad that I was able to celebrate and rejoice in my sister's wedding without anyone reminding me that I was not married. It helped me so much to enjoy Sarah's wedding. After Sarah and Chad were pelted with bubbles as they ran to their car, and we had waved goodbye, one of my dear aunts said to me "you're next." I told her "well, maybe not." To which she replied, "We'll just change the colors." I then said, "It might not just be that I'm not next. It might be that I never get married." A look of shock filled her face, and I continued, "and, you know what? That is perfectly ok." And she responded with a hug and the words, "you are right." And so, that is how I was initiated into my official state of "extended singleness." To tell the truth, it wasn't too bad. P.S. she was saying "you're right" to the fact that it is ok . . . not to the fact that she thinks I will never marry. :)

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