Wednesday, September 27, 2006

this morning . . . This morning Gilby and I were taking a walk, but before we headed home, we stopped to buy some breakfast. As we (yes, Gilby and me) were talking with the storeowner, two women who had been buying fruit just down the street started running and yelling obviously very upset. They were chasing a moped that was weaving in and out of the crowded street traffic. Since they were shouting in Taiwanese (I speak Mandarin), I could only guess what they were shouting about. I was close. I guessed someone had hopped onto their moped and driven away with it. Instead, as the breakfast storeowner told me, the two boys on the moped had driven past the ladies buying fruit and grabbed their bags; thus, stealing their purses and purchases. Normally Taiwan is a very, very safe place. As a single woman, I actually feel much safer here than I do in the States. However, this is actually a problem for me. Since the Taiwanese people are so nice, friendly, and inviting, it is very easy to get lulled into “they are a good people” mentality. This line of thinking of course is very wrong, and it leads to a lack of zeal for sharing the gospel because it causes me to fail to see the lostness of the people I live among. The Bible says that “the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick.” I am not thankful that these two women lost some of their belongings today, but I am thankful for the reminder that the Taiwanese people are hopelessly lost without Christ. Please join me in praying for the Taiwanese—less than 3% are Christian.

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