Saturday, September 09, 2006

first day of school Today is my first day of school for the new school year. And, we are actually a week earlier than most other colleges in Taiwan. However, I hear we get a longer winter vacation than most--so, I can't complain! :) The building to the above is where my new office is located. My office is on the 9th floor of this beautiful building. I am so excited. I will share more pics later of the inside and of the view from my office window. Mondays are going to be my longest days. On Mondays, I teach Public Speaking (juniors), Business English Converstaion (freshmen), and Listening Comprehension (juniors in the night school program). Taiwan is a little different than America in the way they structure classes. Here all students of one major take basically the same classes as everyone else with that major at the same time. The students don't get to design their own course plan or select which teachers and times they would like to attend. Moreover, most classes only meet once a week for two hours (instead of the M,W,F one hour or T,Th one and a half hour set up). Some classes (like my Business English Converstaion courses) meets for three hours a week. (I have two Biz Engl courses. One meets one hour on Monday afternoon and two hours on Thursday morning; the other one meets for three hours in a row on Tuesday morning.) See, a little different than in America right? Both systems have advantages and disadvantages. But I won't go into that day. :) Instead, I am off to grab some dan bing and get to my new office to get ready for the new semester!! Have a great Monday!

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