Tuesday, September 05, 2006

flying thousands of miles I am now on my way back to Taiwan. After I brought my brother back from his three month visit to Taiwan, I was blessed to be able to stay in the States for about another month. Here is a little Q&A to fill you in a little more on my trip. Q: How far apart are your two homes? A: As the crow flies, I think my home in the States and my home in Taiwan are around 8,000 miles apart. Q: How long will it take you to fly back to Taiwan? A: Well, the easy answer is "about a day." If you want the long answer, keep reading, I will leave my home about 3 hours before my Austin plane departs; then fly to LA (about 4 hours) and have a small layover in LA; then fly to Taipei (about 13 hours, and I also lose a day by crossing the International date line) and have a small layover; then fly to Kaohsiung (about 1 hour); then go though customs and immigration; then find my former student who is picking me up and drive home (about an hour). So, I leave my Texas home at about 9 on Tuesday morning and arrive at my Taiwan home at about 1 in the morning on Thursday. C.R.A.Z.Y!! Q: What is the time difference between Taiwan and Texas? A: Taiwan is 13 hours ahead of Texas. So, if it is 1 AM on Thursday in Taiwan, it is 12 noon on Wednesday in Texas. (Well, that is right now before Daylight Savings time changes it to 14 hours ahead). Q: What do you miss most when you are in the States? A: Gilby and friends. Also, I enjoy having a break from teaching, but it doesn't take long for me to begin to miss being in the classroom. I also miss hearing and using Chinese. Q: What do you miss most when you are in Taiwan? A: Family and food--in that order. ;) Q: What is your fave Taiwanese food? A: Uh . . . is that really possible to answer? Which meal are we talking about? Does fruit count? There are so many wonderful foods in Taiwan!! But, I know I can't wait to have the stuff that a street vendor sells right down the street from my house. I'll show you a picture of it the next time I eat it. Ok? Q: What American food do you miss most? A: Beef, milk, cheese. I also really miss good Tex-Mex, Cesar salads, and a good grilled burger. And . . . Diet Dr. Peppers (does that count as a food?). And, Blue Bell ice cream. Q: What is the toughest adjustment to being back in the States? A: Not being stared at. Why is no one looking at me? Am I not special anymore? And, all the choices!! Oh, and being clueless about pop culture stuff--anywhere from names of people in the news to why are pomegranates so...

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