Monday, September 18, 2006

happy (belated) birthday, mom! Last week, my mom turned 50 had a birthday. And, I want to take a moment to celebrate her. When my sister and I were talking this summer, one of the many things we talked about is what a great mother we have. I don't know of anyone else (besides Sarah and Sam) who has such a great mom. [I am sure others do--I just don't know about 'em.] We truly are blessed. She did a great job raising us--which astounds me to no end--because even she admits to having no clue about being a parent when she first started. But, I can tell you, if I ever get the honor of being a mother, I want to be just like her. I am thankful for the work, effort, creativity, time, and love she put into raising us because it is because of her that we turned out like we did. Thank you, Mom, for all the sacrifices you made for us. We might not know the extent to which you have sacrificed, but we do not doubt your love or approval of us. I am also thankful for the way she treats me and Sarah as adults. She is literally one of my best friends. I confide in her things I would never confide to anyone else. I trust her with my heart's deepest secrets, desires, and fears. I do so knowing that she will not take them lightly, won't tell me pattenly that it is all going to be ok, nor will she be judgemental or condescending about them. That is a rare blessing that I treasure to no end. I enjoy spending time with my mom, and I know that she also enjoys spending time with me. I can actually "hang out" with my mom. That is cool. Usually, we end up laughing alot when we are together. In fact, while we were saying goodbye right before I came back to Taiwan, she quoted something she had read recently by Martin Luther, "You will have much joy and laughter in life as faith in God." As our faith in God grows deeper and stronger--our joy and laughter abound even more too. Maybe that is why we are a family that loves to laugh. I agree with Lisa Whelchel when she said, "As any daughter can attest, it's eerie when you wake up and realize you're becoming your mother. Thankfully for me, that's a good thing." It's a good thing for me too. Praise the Lord! Mom, just for the record: I don't mind looking like you, walking like you, or talking like you at all. And, it is ok if you wanna let strangers think we are sisters. ;) Happy belated 50th birthday, Mom! I love you! With much, much love and admiration, amanda :) ~If you would like to read what my mom wrote about raising me--click here. ~Both the Martin Luther and Lisa Whelchel quote come from Heather's (from Mom 2 Mom Connection) book, From...

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