Wednesday, October 04, 2006

a friend's visit This weekend (Friday to Monday night) I was blessed to have a guest in my home. A friend from my home church in Texas was sent by her company to Taiwan for a week. After she had completed her work obligations in Taipei, she came on down to Kaohsuing to see me. Veronica and I have known each other for a long time. Her uncle was one of my Sunday school teachers when I was in middle school. But, in recent years as life has transplanted both of us outside of the great state of Texas, we haven't seen each other much or even really talked much. However, it was WONDERFUL having her visit me for a few days. We talked. We laughed. We cried. We ate Taiwanese food. We took moped rides. We took Gilby for walks. We went sight seeing. We shared our faith. We worshipped. We prayed. It was just awesome! Veronica did an great job asking lots and lots of questions allowing me to share my love for the Taiwanese and for Taiwan with her. She helped me see afreash some of the things I now take for granted. She helped me see how blessed I am--just how much God has changed me and given me in the past few years. I was tempted when she left to complain: "why can't I have that kind of friend to hang out with all the time?" But, I quickly repented and turned my heart to thankfulness: "Thank you, Abba Fu (Daddy God) for giving me precious time to be with Veronica this weekend. You sure did bless me with this special friend. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!" 1. Veronica braved my moped, 2. Veronica, Gilby, and Me at the East Gate in Meinong, 3. Veronica exercised with this grandma, 4. Veronica with some of my students, 5. Veronica talks to my class, 6. Veronica and Gilby

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