Tuesday, December 26, 2006

online Scripture tools About this time every year, I begin to search for a "read thru the Bible in a year" plan. As I was searching this year, I found some cool stuff. So, I thought I'd share it with you. As you probably well know, there are several options of "year-long reading plans" to choose from. If you haven't seen it yet, the ESV Bible Blog displays them in a unique way. They are charted so that you can actualy visualize the path through scripture different plans guide you though. Also, on that same blog page you will find links to the various reading plans in the ESV, of which you can subscribe for the RSS feed of the reading plan (here are all the ESV Bible RSS Feeds avaliable). (I think) I have choosen the chronological reading plan for 2007. When I clicked to look at today's reading, I noticed a little "listen" link. I clicked. I listened. I like listening to scripture being read aloud--it's historical, bibical (faith comes from hearing), and very modern all at the same time. Some other neat tools I found are: the podbible produces podcasts of the CEV translation of the Bible, the NeXt Bible Learning Environment claims to be "a new generation of online Bible study and research tools;" it uses the NET Bible. Bible Gateway has a calander view with daily links to various year-long reading plans all on one nifty page. the ESV Bible blog also has an RSS feed or PDF file of a scripture memorization plan (more info on this plan from Between Two Worlds). John Piper has a sermon on treasuring God's words. You can read or listen to it. (More of his sermons on the Bible can be found here.) What tools or resources do you use to study or access Scripture online? Do you try to read thru the Bible in a year? If so, what plan do you use?

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