Wednesday, December 13, 2006

cannot have enough As Christians, we are often told to quench our desires for more. We are warned against the "never can have enough" attitude of the lost. . . . which in most cases is good advice. But, there is at least one thing we cannot have enough of. This morning as I was reading my new devotional book Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon, I couldn't help but smile as I read today (Dec 13th)'s "Morning": We may be certain that when the King of kings distributes grace among His royal priesthood, the supply is not cut short by Him. In ourselves we are often in short supply, but never in the Lord. . . . Some things in the economy of grace are measured; for instnace, our vinegar and gall are given us with such exactness that we never have a single drop too much; but the salt of grace is not restricted in its provision. . . . A man may have too much money or too much honor, but he cannont have too much grace. . . . A plethora of grace is impossible. More wealth brings more care, but more grace brings more joy. Increased wisdom is increased sorrow, but an abundance of the Spirit is fullness of joy. Believer, go to the throne. . . You need much; seek much and have much. Isn't that good news?!? We cannot have too much grace. An increase in the things of this world brings about responsibities, cares, and sorrow . . . but an increase in grace brings MORE JOY!! I needed this reminder this morning! (So, thanks, mom, for sticking a heavy book in with the package you mailed me.) I've only read a few entries in my new book, but I am really enjoying what I have read. If you think you might be interested in the book Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon which has been revised and updated by Alistair Begg, you can download all of January's entries here in pdf format from to take a look-see.

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