Tuesday, January 30, 2007

reading as a Christian discipline Kim from Hiraeth asks some questions about reading as a Christian discipline. Here are my answers to her questions: Has reading Christian blogs increased your desire to tackle weighty Christian tomes? Increased desire?--yes. Actually caused action?--no. Have you learned of Christian authors and theologians that you might not have otherwise known or read? Probably Spuregon is the biggie for me. After reading a quote on someone's blog, I just had to get me a copy of Morning and Evening. Have you purchased or borrowed books that were recommended by bloggers? I bought a book by a blogger because of finding her blog--Carolyn McCulley's Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?. I also bought John MacArthur's Twelve Extraordinary Women, Randy Alcorn's Money, Possessions & Eternity, and Jerry Bridge's The Discipline of Grace because of blogs I read. I also have "wish listed" many, many, many more, including, Across the China Sky just a little while ago. Have you read fewer "real" books as your blog reading has increased? No, not at all. Has the availability/searchability of great Christian works caused you to rely upon them merely as resources? Not sure. Usually seeing someone unless reference or quote someone makes me want to go read more, go read all. Not just go search out something. Do you think reading the great Christian authors and theologians is important and/or profitable? Yes. Do you read them? I try. I want to. I would love to be better about making even more time for reading them. If so, who do you recommend? Right now I reading Bridges, Piper, and Spuregon.

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