Saturday, February 17, 2007

I've been lost in the 1600's In addition to going to the beach, another thing I love about winter vacation is that I have time to read for pleasure. I have time to really get lost in a book--not just read a few pages before going to sleep. Reading is a love that has been passed down to me from my grandparents and my parents. I am in all sense of the word a bibliophile. Most recently, I've been lost in 17th century England walking alongside the Puritans as they suffer from persucuition and struggle to surrive. I enjoy reading biographies and historical fiction. And, one of the best authors of Christian historical fiction is Jack Cavanaugh. I read his Book of Book Series on Bible translation a few winters ago. A member of the Church my dad pastors sent me Beyond the Sacred Page and Glimpses of Truth . I was sad when I finished reading these two books because I learned they were the only two in the series. They were so well written and I enjoyed them so much, I wanted to read more about the history of the English Bible and its various translations. In fact, just thinking about them makes me want to read them again--but I've long given them away to others to read and enjoy. Anyway, when I was home this summer, on a whim, I bought the first book in Cavanaugh's first series--The American Family Portrait Series--The Puritans . I recently read and finished the novel, and I was not disappointed at all! It is a fantabulous book! Thankfully, this time the series consists of eight books. Each book tracing a generation of the same family through American history. I was surprised that over 3/4ths of The Puritans takes place in England, but it is true that The Puritans lived there first before becoming The Colonists. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in the series, so I can continue reading about the fate of the Morgan family and their faith. Do you have a fave historial fiction book or author you reccomend?

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