Tuesday, March 06, 2007

finally joining the blog party I am finally joining the party . . . better late than never, right? At first, I wasn't going to join in the party because well . . . I'm not a mom. But Susan and Janice did say that everyone was invited AND yall looked like yall (can you tell I'm from Texas?) were having just way too much fun to be left out any longer. Of course, Gilby, my little, white, Maltese ball of cuddely cuteness, says hi! He just loves company!! So, let's see what can I offer you? How about some seaweed chips, a century year old egg, or a bit of my favorite pumpkin hotpot? To drink, I can offer you some traditional Chinese tea or a great green tea pudding drink. If you have a sweet tooth, I've got either green tea cheese cake or some taro ice cream for you. So, in case you can't tell by my party foods, let me just inform you that I don't reside in America. I live in Taiwan, a little tropical island off the coast of China and home to over 23 million people. And, yes, since you asked, I do speak Chinese--started studying it nearly 10 years ago! If you wanna know why I live in Taiwan, you can read this. Probably the fastest way to get to know me better is by looking at what I did in 2005 or 2006 (12 pictures for each year, one per month). Or, if you wanna look out my windows, you can; I don't mind--really. Oh, and before you head over to some other blogs to party on (over 640 something to choose from as of right now--WOW!!), let me invite you to particiapte in the Carnival of Beauty . . . find out how here. We'd love to have you join us. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to dip your toes into the ocean if you want to before you leave--especially if you are in a "wintery place." :) "Yall come back now."

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