Saturday, March 10, 2007

my love affair with music Beth and Ashely at Onward & Upward posted a fun little musical meme to add a little music to the party (my 1st party post). What a great idea! I love music and totally agree with them about a party is no party if there is no music. HOWEVER! I could not choose my FAVORITE song for a bunch genres any more than you could tell me which child of yours is your favorite. You just don't. You just can't. AND . . . all those 80's songs that were on the radio when I was growing up--I never heard. All those 90's songs that were on the radio when I was in high school--again, never heard. Let me tell you why . . . Childhood When I was a kid, I had all 6 Psalty the Singing Songbook tapes that were out at that time. I listened to one side of one tape each night to fall asleep (which started a music listening habit that didn't stop till I got to college and had roommates). Although I loved all 6 tapes, Kid's Praise 4 about being a servant and Kid's Praise 5 about a camping trip (casting our cares on the Lord) were played most often. I LOVED Psalty. These cassettes introduced me to worship and faith and showed me that praising God is a very real, everyday in everyway kind of thing. I remember my parents listening to Keith Green and the Maranatha! Praise Team . . . these too had a powerful impact on my love of music and heart of worship. Psalty, Keith Green, and the Maranatha! Songs hold an incredibly special, tender place in my heart. Teen Years When I was in sixth grade, I woke up on Valentine's Day with a terrible case of chicken pox. It was a terrible catastrophe to me. As a result, my mom and dad both sympathized and spoiled me. I clearly remember my dad buying me my very own bottle of Diet Pepsi--a glass bottle that was my very own to drink all by myself. (By the way, I kept that bottle till 2003, which I decopoged with stickers and filled with pennies). And, one day during my three weeks home from school, mom brought me a walking yellow helium doctor balloon and two cassette tapes--Michael W. Smith's The Big Picture and Twila Paris' For Every Heart. Little did I know this was part of her great plan to help me "grow up" (not the chicken pox--the tapes). She had decided that I needed to "move past" Psalty. When we moved at the end of that year, she helped me to finally release my Psalty tapes into the world to bless someone else. I spent my babysitting money and allowances on building a CD collection of contempary Christian pop music . . . in addition to Twila and Michael, I bought CDs from muscians like Steven Curtis Chapman, Point of Grace, Amy Grant, 4Him, and NewSong. I also...
death is "Death has been swallowed up in victory!" (1 Cor. 15:54) DEATH is an outlet and an inlet to a holy man. Death is an eternal outlet . . . to all sins, to all sorrows, to all shame, to all sufferings, to all afflictions, to all temptations, to all oppressions, to all confusions, and to all vexations. Death is an eternal inlet into . . . the clear, full, and constant enjoyment of God, the sweetest pleasures, the purest joys, the highest delights, the strongest comforts, and the most satisfying contentments. Death is the funeral of all a holy man's sins and miseries--and the perfection of all his joys, graces, and spiritual excellencies. Death is not the death of the man--but the death of his sin. Death is a Christian's discharge from all trouble and misery! Death came in by sin--and sin goes out by death. Death cures all diseases--the aching head and the unbelieving heart; the diseased body and the defiled soul. Death will cure the holy man of all natural and spiritual distempers. Death is God's gentle usher to conduct us to heaven. Death to a holy man, is nothing but the changing of . . . his grace--into glory, his faith--into vision, his hope--into fruition, and his love--into eternal rapture! Oh, who would not go through death . . . to heaven! to eternal life! to immortality and glory! Death, to a Christian, is . . . a welcome guest, a happy friend, a joyful messenger! "Death has been swallowed up in victory!" (1 Cor. 15:54) (Thomas Brooks, 1662) Compliments of Grace Gems!

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