Wednesday, March 28, 2007

the creativity of the Uncreated One I recently heard God called the "Uncreated One" in a song. How neat is that!?! . . . I had never thought of that before. I'd always thought of him only as the "Creator-God" without acknowledging that means He is also the "Uncreated One." The bibical creation account ends with our uncreated God saying, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness" (Genesis 1:26). The beauty of being made in God's image is that mankind is different from all other creatures and in that it reveals our family resemblance to our heavenly Father. All over the world and throughout time humans have several characteristics which seperate us from all other creatures. For example: We are moral. We are able to value beauty. We long to know and be known; relaionships are central to who we are. We are spiritual and are souls. We have understanding and intellegence. And, perhaps my favorite, we are creative. God's creativity never ceases to amaze me. I am taken aback by how unique each of his creations are--how intricate and complex, how beautiful. Travelling to other countries has given me the opportunity to see flowers I'd never seen before, eat crazy looking, great tasting fruits I'd never seen before, gaze upon colorful, unique tropical fish, and admire beautiful diverse landscapes that cannot be caputured on film or with an artist's paintbrush. I love watching the sun set and rise because each time is different from all the times before. The Uncreated One's creativity streches beyond anything we can grasp with human minds. But, the Uncreated One has made us in His image, and He made each of us creative. We each find different--unique--ways to express our creativity. Some are excellent cooks. Some are amazing architects. Some are playwrites, authors, songwriters, coreographers, inventors, artists. We see humanity's creative charasteristic even in children. They are perhaps some of the most creative among us. I love talking to and playing with children because their imaginations are so active--they think of things I never would have. Each one of the distinct characteristcs I mentioned above could be an entire blog post all on their own. The depth with which this week's topic--the Beauty of Being Made in God's Image--could go made me not want to post on it at all since I don't have time to really dig into all that this means this morning. So, please go visit Keziah on Wednesday at A Woman who Fears the Lord to see how creatively other women discussed the beauty of being made in God's image! And, next week, just in time for Easter our theme is The Beauty of the Resurrection and will be hosted by Lindsey at Just Enjoy the Journey. Consider joining us! We'd love to have you be a part!

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