Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Beauty of Photographs I am a photograph enthusiast! That is why I requested this topic when Sallie was asking for hostess a few months ago. In my book, you can never take too many pictures!! You are in for a treat with some great posts this week! Please travel with me around the blogosphere as seven ladies share with us what is The Beauty of Photographs. Don't forget to comment and let them know you stopped by. Susanna @ Through a Glass Thinking about photographs reminded Susanna of the ultimate photo album. Join her as she considers the beauty of photography. Lindsey @ Reading Red Letters Lindsey shares with us photographs of God's beauty that are just simply breathtaking! Barbara @ Fuel Barbara writes about how once you've looked at a photo you need to start being honest about what it reveals in "Photographs Don't Lie but Sometimes I Wish They Would." Patricia @ Pollywog Creek Photography became the tool the Lord used to open Patricia's eyes to the abundant beauty that surrounds her every day, find out how. Don't foget to check out her photo blog, beautiful in its time, which hosts some gorgeous photos, fine examples of what her CoB post is all about! Blair @ Scribblings A wedding photo sends Blair's Scribblings over "A Thousand Words." Ashley @ Onward & Upward Ashley takes a look into how photographs make the distances between us not so great. amanda @ following an unknown path And, finally, amanda shares with us how photos are like stones of rememberance, helping us recall how great is our God. Thanks for stopping by the Carnival of Beauty this week!! Please join us next week over at Keziah's blog for The Beauty of Being Made in the Image of God.

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