Friday, April 20, 2007

the tale of a bottle of lavander bath power Taiwan has this great chain store called Working House. Each store is rather small, but they are kinda like a miniature Bed, Bath, and Beyond or kinda like all the decorating stuff from Target in its own little store. It has a definite "Western feel" to it. Anyway, point is I like to shop there for the occasional splurge. And, since, they gave me a 30% off coupon for my birthday month, I decided to stop by there tonight. I got some stuff for my new pink bedroom (pictures coming soon) and a bottle of lavender bath powder. I placed my bag of goodies on the "floorboard" of my moped, popped on my helmet and headed home. Halfway through a LARGE intersection, I heard "KA-THUD!" When I finished crossing the intersection, I pulled over to see what happened. And, I saw my lovely new bottle of bath power lying helplessly in the middle of the intersection near the crosswalk. Thoughts began to fill my head: Is it worth it to go after my little bottle of bath power? Will my little bottle cause an accident if it is not retrieved? Whatever do I do? The light that let me though was still green. So cars and mopeds were still whizzing through the intersection. Not a single one of them hitting my little bottle of lavender bath powder. I decide right then that if the little bottle makes it through the next light change I will go rescue it. So, I stand at the corner of the busy intersection with my eyes glued on the little bottle of lavender bath powder. Mopeds whiz by to the left of the little bottle. Mopeds zoom by to the right of the little bottle. Cars pass over the little bottle. If you've ever seen a Taiwanese intersection you understand just how crazy they can be. I stood there in shock as vehicle after vehicle passed by my little purple bottle with not one of them touching it at all. Hope began to rise inside as I saw from the corner of my eye the stop-light clock ticking down--the little bottle only had to survive 10 more seconds before I could walk across the crosswalk to save it. The light changed, I stepped off the curb and "BAM" a taxi hit the side of the little bottle. He sent that purple bottle spinning across the pavement so fast the wrapper flew off. Do you wanna know where the bottle stopped spinning? Just inches from where I stood. I bent down picked up my little bottle of lavender bath powder and marveled at how it survived it's adventure in the intersection. The only damage to the bottle is that it lost it's wrapper and is a little dented on one side. So, now I am off to go open that little bottle of lavender bath powder and enjoy its insides. Good night!

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