Tuesday, June 05, 2007

ladies, can i have your attention, please! Announcing some immediate and some upcoming changes to the Carnival of Beauty!! First . . . let me invite you once again to participate in this week's CoB! We have a really cool topic this week that I am really excited about! It is the Beauty of Strong Men! Susanna at Through a Glass is hosting this week, and I assume she would be delighted to have a whole slew of posts submitted. So, please think about it, pray about it, and write about it!! Please see below for some great news about a change that will start with this week's CoB!!!!! We have a new day of the week for our carnival! From now on, the CoB will be on Fridays. Submissions to the CoB will be due on the Thursday before--time still to be set by the hostess. This will give us a few more days to compose our posts each week--something I know I need! We have a new way to keep in touch. I have decided to use google groups as a way to help contact ladies interested in the CoB. Please join if you would like to get info and reminders about the CoB right in your own inbox. I expect no more than 2 messages sent per week. Subscribe to Carnival of Beauty Email: Visit this group We have a new way to submit posts to the CoB. Instead of each week changing the submission address to match the different hostess, you can submit to the same email address each week starting with me in three weeks with the Beauty of Babies. What I can do is each Monday forward the address to that week's hostess. Then all submissions will go straight to her inbox without her having to post her email address to world if she doesn't want to. I thought I'd be the one to test drive the new email address in case there were any problems. So, starting the week of June 20, posts can be submitted to [email protected]. (NB) We have a new "testing period." I believe the CoB doesn't have to be big to fulfill its purpose. And, I don't wanna play the numbers game; however, part of the purpose of the CoB is to meet new women online that we wouldn't have met otherwise--and if we only have 1 or 2 posts each week, are we really meeting this objective? So, later this week I am going to make the new line up for topics for July, August and September and ask for hostesses for these weeks. If by the end of September, we are still having an average of less than 5 posts each week, I am going to put the CoB to rest. She's had a good run and has blessed many women--myself included. I would love to see her continue to bless others and be used as a way to encourage us to reflect Christ in our writings and on our blogs. Yet, I can't...

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