Sunday, June 17, 2007

Carnival of Beauty Announcement First, please stop by Bethany's blog to both thank her for hosting last week and then go check out all the neat posts on The Beauty of Truth that she was able to host. Second, this week the CoB is here on my blog!! Our topic this week is the Beauty of Babies! And, we are changing things up a little this week. Instead of emailing to the hostess, you can email our new [email protected] address with your post info. Please submit your post by midnight Thursday--Texas time. Next, here are the upcoming topics and their hostess: June 20: The Beauty of Babies (Amanda @ following an unknown path) June 27: The Beauty of Humility (Blair @ Scribblings by Blair) July 6: The Beauty of (free) (Leslie @ Lux Venit) July 13: The Beauty of Summer (No Hostess yet, would you like to host?) July 20: The Beauty of Grace (Sara @ Stones of Remembrance) July 27: The Beauty of Play (Susanna @ Through a Glass) August 3: The Beauty of (free) (Bethany @ A Picturesque Life) August 10: The Beauty of The Lord's Day (Susanna @ Through a Glass) August 17: The Beauty of Prayer (No Hostess yet, would you like to host?) August 24: The Beauty of Change (Ashley @ August 31:The Beauty of Learning (Bethany @ A Picturesque Life) September 7: The Beauty of (free) (No Hostess yet, would you like to host?) September 14: The Beauty of Autumn (Ashley @ September 21: The Beauty of Discipline (Blair @ Scribblings by Blair) September 28: The Beauty of Hope (Sara @ Stones of Remembrance) There are still three weeks with no hostess, so if'd you like to host one of those weeks and haven't signed up yet please let me know. If no one takes them, we are ok, because I've not yet signed up to host, and I know a few of you have volunteered to help out if needed, which I truly appreciate!! One last note, I've updated the main CoB page. But, for some reason the Google Group pages are blank when I go to edit them. I will try from my office computer on Wednesday--because today and tomorrow are holidays for me!! But, the email address still works fine for the google group, so if you'd like to get updates and notices via email about the carnival, please sign up: Subscribe to Carnival of Beauty Email: Visit this group

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