Friday, June 01, 2007

taiwan from my students' eyes As I've mentined before, I am teaching an internet English course this semester. This is actually one of the multiple reasons I needed a bloggy break! :) I added 20 something student blogs to a "must-read and interact with" list on my blog-reader, and I am blogging for them as an example to follow. Anywho, it has been fun teaching them how to blog and use flickr as well as some other online programs and sites. Some of them have really taken off and are doing cool things with their blogs. Others, well, they are just trying to get the hang of it. :) I am enjoying this course because it is a way for them to use English for a "real reason." I also enjoy seeing them interact with each other both in real life in the classroom and online. Now to finally get to the point of this post . . . . One of their recent assignments was to create a slideshow using to showcase a part of Taiwanese Culture. Some of them have shared the HTML code for their slide shows with me, so I can share with you!! First, for no particular reason, is Stella's slide show. Her slide show actually covers a few different aspects of Taiwan culture. Another student, Nancy focused on "Stores in Taiwan." All of her photos are of different kinds of stores in Taiwan. So, take a look and see what it is like to do some shopping in Taiwan. I'll post more of their slideshows in the near future!! Keep an eye out for them and learn even more about the little tropical island we live on! :)

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