Wednesday, July 18, 2007

They are HERE!!! My cousins. My cousins are HERE . . . in TAIWAN . . . with me right now!! Well, ok, they are sleeping in my guest room. "Operation Stay Awake" worked well!! Wel, ok, there was one small glitch, they both crashed on our last train of the day. But that's ok it was only a 10 minute ride. They got here at 6:30 this morning, and then we (plus Ellen) were off for a breakfast of fried dumplings and new zany drinks (i.e starfruit juice with sour plum, banana milk, and passion fruit green tea). Then, we did a VERY Taiwanese thing--we got our hair washed. When you get your hair washed in Taiwan, they bring the water to your head in a little bottle and shampoo is in their hands. Tiffany and Rebecca (my cousins) didn't see the shampoo in the hand and thought that their water bottles were filled with "magic shampoo" that didn't need water to work. :) Oh, yeah, and I walked out that salon with straight hair. I don't have a pic of it on my camera though--so you'll have to wait. Let me just tell you straight hair is LOT more WORK than curly hair. We then went for tour of Ellen's school and then had a great family-style Chinese lunch. YUMMY!! Then after a not-so-quick trip to the bank, we rode the high speed rail back to Kaohsiung. Then in the evening we went to an Bible Study in English--tonight was all about learning who Jesus is based on reading Scriptures about what he did while on Earth. Let me just tell you there is nothing sweeter than watching people fall in love Jesus, proclaiming he is good, realizing he has power over the spirits. Sweet. Just sweet I tell ya. It's been a LONG day . . . and tomorrow begins early too. We are going to the east coast to help out with the end of a week long summer camp. So . . . off to bed I go. Did I mention that I am just SO EXCITED that my cousins are here?!?!?!

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