Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tiffany and Becca's adventures--day 5 This day started off by just going to a local mega-mart for lunch and a little shopping. We had "teh ban tsao"--food that is prepared right in front of us. It was yummy if I do say so myself. The girls get a kick out of the prices here--because here the dollar sign is sometimes used for New Taiwan Dollars, so things seem really over priced (like these $990 t-shirts). There are also many things for sale here that you would be hard pressed to find in the States. Mega-marts here are multi-level complexes. So, the "escalator" is actually an inclined people-mover that has special tracking for locking in the wheels of the carts. After our shopping trip, Andy (one of my former students) took us to Lotus Lake for some sight seeing. First up was the Tiger and Dragon pagodas, but sadly they were under construction. So, we went to the Spring and Autumn pagodas next. Before going in the dragon and inside the dragon. After exiting the dragon. We then toured a Taoist Temple. Seeing people actually bow and worship idols for the first time can be a life-altering event. At the very least it gives new perspective to the book of Isaiah and the rest of the Old Testament as well. We stopped briefly to enjoy a water lily pond. Then we saw a huge idol which is actually a temple. There are two more likeness of this same god of war inside the huge one. As we walked around the lake to the different sites, we stopped and took some fun pictures. :) Our last stop on Lotus Lake was a Confucian Temple. A volunteer came and gave us a guided tour. So, I learned a lot of new stuff--I'll pass on my new knowledge on another day. For dinner, we had Japanese/Korean style BBQ. Where we cooked our food on a BBQ grill right there in the middle of our table. Pretty cool, huh? It was an "eat till you are full" resturant, so here are Andy and me with the "menu" where you can keep ordering from for up to two hours. More Day 5 pictures can be found on my flickr account.

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