Thursday, September 27, 2007

my origins (aka: where I am from) I am from storybooks and Cabbage Patch dolls, from a box of 124 crayons. I am from cinnamon rolls, banana bread, and gravy poured over broken biscuits. From yellow and green gingham, the CareBears, and pink and blue bows. I am from the new, new house in a little bit of Forth Worth. From the parsonage next to the small-town church with the two story slide. I am from mud pies, picnics in the front yard, porch swings and rocking chairs. I am from “life is not fair” and “I told you so.” From washing windows on Saturday and it’s your turn to empty the dishwasher. I am from preachers, Sunday school teachers, and the church pianist. I’m from Jesus Loves the Little Children, and Great is Thy Faithfulness. I’m from pajama days and a little black pick-up truck. From chicken and dumplings, chips and salsa, peppermint birthday cakes, and don't forget the Diet Coke and Bluebell. I'm from Podunk, Arkansas and Smalltown, Texas. From huge family get-togethers, days on the lake, and Christmas at Grandma’s. I am from the woman who tossed cold water on her rowdy boys, the high school sweethearts who married, the boy who was tricked to run down a steep hill, the strangers who met on a bus. I am from the boy who jumped off a bridge and broke his nose, from the girl in the fluffy pink sweater who hated her curls. I am from Dot and Joe, Mildred and Euel, Joi and Ken, from love and laughter, faith and family, hugs and kisses. ~*~*~*~*~ Giving credit where credit is due: Poems like this have been circling the web for awhile now--I first remember seeing them in the winter/spring of 2005. They are inspired by George Ella Lyons' poem "Where I'm From." And, there is even a template to help you get started if you'd like to write your own.

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