Monday, September 17, 2007

Tiffany and Becka's adventures--day 8 Let me take you back to the last week of July . . . (Needless to say, I have some catching up to do on my blog.) After being here for an action packed week and after a very emotion-filled Day 7, the girls and I decided to take a little break. On day 8, a Wednesday, we slept late, caught up on email and blogging, and just hung around the house. It was a welcomed rest. Mid-afternoon, after downing some wonderful fresh fruit slushes, we headed into Kaohsiung to go to an afternoon market that is popular with the teens and young adults of Kaohsiung. It is situated in between some of the major department stores downtown. Two of my students joined us and after some browsing and shopping, we deiced to go take some sticker pictures. This is a popular thing for young people to do when hanging out with friends. There are these stores filled with picture-taking machines that turn the photos into stickers. After you've posed 8 or 9 times, you get to choose which poses you like best and then decorate them. _____ Here are two of the pictures we took--keep in mind these things are very tiny stickers. Aren't they fun?! _____ After the pictures, we had some scrumptious roasted chicken sandwiches. _____ Then, moments later, Tiffany and Becka had their first of many "dong gua cha." Yes, it was on day 8 that my cousins fell in love with winter melon tea. _____ With teas in hand we ended the day by going to an English Bible study and sharing with new friends how Jesus had changed our lives. What a perfect ending to a relaxing day!

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