Saturday, October 13, 2007

the move to tainan Here is all my stuff packed up before the move: I kept asking myself where did ALL this stuff come from while I was packing. It is amazing how fast we accumulate stuff!! The mover guys wrapped some of my furniture in plastic before putting it on the truck. They said this would help protect it. Then, they loaded up the truck. The one picture I don't have but would love to show you is how they moved all this stuff. They hoisted it onto their backs and carried on their backs. It's an amazing thing to watch. ~*~*~*~ Ok, so moving day was Aug 15th. And, besides just not having time to write about it and not having the battery charger for my camera. . . it took me this long to write about it because it was a HARD day. And, I refused to write about it when the hurt was still fresh. I needed some perspective first. I don't think a single piece of furniture escaped from the move unharmed. Each piece had a bump or scratch somewhere. The dinning table and chairs got the worst of it and the scratches are obvious, but the rest of the scratches are now minimal and you'd have to know where to look. I kept telling myself over and over the day of and week after the move "hold loosely to the things of this world." Even though I was warned, I was still caught in a scam. Not going to go into details, but do want to say, if you are moving in Taiwan and using a moving company . . . go only with a company that someone personally used and now recommends. Oh, and it started to rain because a typhoon was coming in. So, there was lots of wet stuff and soggy boxes to take care of. Just more stress to deal with. Moving day was just one long exhausting day--physically and emotionally! And, I'm glad it is now just history. :)

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