Wednesday, October 24, 2007

missing The team coming this weekend to my town was great. I really enjoyed prayerwalking with them and helping them to share Christ. And, I even took them to my favorite resturant--"The Cooking DuDu" (or "DuDu Chef" or "The DuDu Restaurant"). Ahh . . . that was some great Chinese food--if you come visit me, I promise to take you there. They even brought me a bag of American goodies, and it was refreshing to be around like-minded people for a few days. However, they left me one thing that I'd like to return now. They left me feeling very homesick. These last two days my eyes have often teared up, sometimes actually spilling over. This team reminded me that I do miss home. I miss my family. I miss real fall weather. I miss leaves actually changing colors. I miss crunching the fallen leaves underfoot. I miss the smell fall. I miss the stars at night that are big and bright. I miss sitting and talking to my mom. I miss playing games with my brother. I miss chatting with my dad. I miss laughing with my sister. I miss orange pumpkins. I miss driving on long stretches of endless road where the horizon can always be seen. I miss the smell of Grandmother's cooking. I miss helping her change out her front porch lights. I miss arranging the photos on my PawPaw's computer. I miss watching him sleep in his big white recliner. I miss the wrinkled and yet at the same time very smooth hands of my NeeNee. I miss snuggling up under homemade afghans made by those same hands. I miss the way he calls me sweetheart and she calls me sugar. I miss . . . *sigh* . . . oh how much I miss right now. I don't think I've ever been this homesick before. This is my 6th fall away from home. It will be my 6th Thanksgiving and Christmas totally on my own. Oh, how much I miss home right now! *sigh*

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