Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I am still here {I didn't mean to post my blogrolls as a post. They were supposed to go on to a "page." This page in fact. Right here.} I am still here, I know it's been awhile since I posted. I am ok. A bit overwhelmed and feeling a bit lost, but ok. It is always frustrating when my past experiences tell me I should be experiencing the end of a year, that things are coming to a close and refreshment is just around the corner as well as lots of time to spend with family . . . when in reality it is only midterm, I've got tons of things to do and the end as well as all my family are no where in sight. Yeah, that can be just a little frustrating (you do notice the sarcastic tone in my voice right?). Another reason for the delay in recent posts. . . well, my computer at home has decided to run at the speed of molasses on a cold day. What used to take me 10 seconds now takes me 10 minutes to do. Can we say frustrating again?? And, yet, another third reason for the lack of posts . . . . I have finally hit bloggers block or I don't know what to call it . . . maybe bloggers dread. I don't lack ideas--I have lots of those from long before. But, I currently lack the desire to compose--maybe that is due to the fact that I have 40 essays awaiting me to be graded and 40 more just around the corner. My brain is like oatmeal and creativity is zapped--I've loaned it to my students when I coached them with their writing. It's funny really . . . .I used to have days where I could write multiple posts and still have more to write about. I would think, "oh my how on earth do people live without blogging? how on earth could she claim she needs a blogging break?" Well, now that's me. I am there. I totally understand now. So, for now, I am going to be doing some behind the scenes stuff--like did you notice my sidebar is now white and no longer pink? And, like my blogrolls which were in serious need of upgrading. I might post some here and there, but it will be very sporadic for awhile as I decide what to do with my home computer and overcome my feelings of being overwhelmed and wait for my writing ideas to come back to me. Thanks for your concern and offers of cherry kool-aide. They are much appreciated.

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