Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Day I spent my Christmas Day evening with this lovely family (their dad is working in China). They are some of my favorite people in the world. What a blessing to live so close to them! ___ This was my first time to host a "Christmas dinner." I had fun doing it. I made Grandma's sweet potato casserole, cherry coke jello, roasted potatoes, and broccoli with cheese. Oh, yeah and a pumpkin pie too. Corrina brought over a roasted chicken, salad, and pumpkin soup. It was all SO yummy!!! ___ It was the first time they had ever really celebrated Christmas. I gave each of the girls a blanket and then a family game set with 10 games inside. I also gave Corrina some smell goods and coffee with mug. She asked me incredulously "why do we all get more than one gift? You spoil us." I felt like I hadn't given them much at all--it's all perspective. The girls were SO excited to get Christmas gifts!! ___ After we stuffed ourselves and opened gifts, we played Uno Spin and Chinese Checkers. They had never played with four people before. If you play Taiwanese style Chinese checkers, only up to 3 people can play. Corrina commented how so many American games are suitable for 6-10 players, while so many Taiwanese/Chinese games are limited to two or three players. She and her girls concluded this is because Americans like to play games as a whole family, but Taiwanese/Chinese people use/used games to encourage critical thinking skills--not as family entertainment. I think it is a pretty interesting theory/observation. ___ Merry Christmas!!

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