Saturday, December 22, 2007

happy, happy birthday!! Guess what is two years old today?? My blog! That's right, Following an Unknown Path is two years old today. I started playing with the concept of blogging many times in past six years, I even tried to make a "blog" on my website (that after ten years of owning I finally let go of this year), but because I didn't truly grasp the concept it didn't quite work. I started playing with different blogging platforms starting in the spring of 2005. But it wasn't until December of 2005, that I created the concept of Following an Unknown Path and got hooked on blogging for real. (After Following an Unknown Path was birthed, I carried over some of the content from those other blogs I had played with. That is why the archives go back into the spring of 2005--in case for some random reason you were wondering why my archives go back further than the birth of my blog.) Following an Unknown Path has changed quite a bit from its original. Content, layout, purpose, intent, some of the audience, design and look of the actual posts, writing style . . . .its all changed over the past two years. I guess--in some ways--that is a good thing. Honestly, I can't believe it's been two years! Time goes SO fast. There have been times in this past blogging year that I've wanted to throw in the towel and call it quits. But, I've not done so . . . yet, at least. I enjoy writing, and I enjoy photography, and I need an outlet for sharing with others what God is doing in my life and what is going on in the world I find myself. And, blogging seems to be a great outlet for all of these. So, for now, I continue with my little hobby. It is also such a blessing to be able to update my family on the other side of the world in a matter of seconds about what is going on in my life. Now, if only I can convince them to start blogging about their lives so I can keep tabs on them. (Wanna know a secret? My paternal grandmother comments on my blog posts in handwriting and my grandfather scans in the letter and emails it to me as an attachment. Pretty cool huh?) It's been a neat blogging year since I've actually gotten to MIRL with some other Taiwan bloggers. I've also been put back in touch with some college friends and their blogs. And, twice this year, blog readers told me to go check out some other blog they thought I might like . . . and BOTH times I actually knew these people in real life--just didn't know that they blogged! How cool is that!?!? Oh, yeah, and I entered my first bloggy contest and won an x-shot--thanks to readers voting for me! :) I've made some neat and special friends as I've blogged about my journey along this...
merry Christmas!

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