Wednesday, January 16, 2008

buying books overseas Living overseas has seriously helped me to curb my book-buying addiction. My mom says she can always tell when it is time for me to come home because packages start arriving. I start shopping my wish list and sending books to my parents' home to wait for me the month or two before I leave.'s international shipping on books is SO high--sometimes more expensive than the book itself. So, last year when I read on a blog about a company that ships books overseas for under three USD ($2.97) a book, I was giddy. I've ordered from twice. The first time it took about two months or longer to get my books (I was beginning to think they had been sent to Thailand), but the second time it took less than a month. The first time they come in an M-bag (I had ordered several) and the second time, they just came in a simple box. Both times they had been shipped from Switzerland? Sweden? I don't remember, but some "S" country. :) I've been pleased. It's nice to once again be able to order (cheap, used) books and actually have them shipped to me. I've not found every title I've searched for, but I have found many. If you live overseas and need a book craving filled, you might wanna check out Oh, yeah, and the profits go to fund literacy, and shipping is free to US addresses, so even if you aren't overseas, you still might wanna check 'em out. :) (I thought I'd read about it on a "girl blog" in the fall. But when I searched my g-reader, I only found a mention of it on the Bell Site in the summer. Anywho, thanks anonymous girl blog; sorry I can't give you a hat tip. And thanks to Jackie Bell for recommending good stuff to others too.)

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