Tuesday, February 05, 2008

about a boy I will soon be able to add one more thing to this list of things that I am. In a little over four months my sister is going to make me an aunt!! She is a little over 19 weeks pregnant with my little nephew, who will be named Nathan Lee. Nathan means "gift of God" . . . what a wonderful name!! I am so excited for my sister and brother-in-law. This is something they've wanted for a long time now. Can you see him there? The first one is a full body shot and the second one is of just his face. Beautiful, right? And, yes, I'll be perfectly honest, it stung at first. Why would God, the giver of all good gifts, give my younger sister both a husband and a baby before me? "Doesn't he care about me too?" my heart longed to know. It's like the time I asked for a clock radio for Christmas. My grandmother had prepared two of them (one for each of us), but Sarah opened hers first. In my selfishness, I actually cried, "that's mine Sarah! You opened my present!" I walked over and ripped it out of her arms. Sigh . . . what sin! I still remember how guilty I felt when I realized how blatant my selfishness was on that Christmas Eve. There were many tears shed the night I first found out she was expecting . . . as once again I mourned the fact that I am not yet a wife and not yet a mother. My selfish, sinful heart once again cried out "That's mine, Sarah! You opened my present! Why do you get one and I don't! I want one, too!!!" But, since then . . . after repenting, my heart has been filled with nothing but joy for my sister. I am so happy and can't wait to meet little Nate this summer when I get to go home for the first time in two years. Oh, yeah, and if Sarah is able to hold that little bambino inside to full term or longer, I will even get to see my sister 9 months pregnant. How cool would that be!?!?! But, for now, here is my beautiful pregnant sister at 19 weeks:

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