Tuesday, February 26, 2008

my new class Last Monday, I received a call at 9:10 asking me if I'd like to teach a class from 8 to 10 on Monday mornings. The class was mine if I showed up before 9:30, so they could "meet the new teacher." Even though I didn't have class till 3 pm, I was already dressed and ready thanks to years of listening to flylady. I put on my outside shoes and scootered to school. (ok, so in Asia, flylady's shoe thing just doesn't work as well.) I learned that they were "child care majors" and that is was a "listening practice" class. After talking to them, I decided to use the same book they used last semester, so they wouldn't have to buy a new one. So, class our first week was short and to the point. This week, I was ready for class and there at 8:00. But, I soon discovered that the textbook I had found in my office was first edition and they were using the second edition. Sometimes there really aren't that many changes between editions; sometimes there are. This was a "sometimes there are" case. My book's chapter 12 was about money and took up two pages. Their book's chapter 12 was about free time and took up four pages. So . . . I winged it :) . . . doing nothing from the book. It is a listening class . . . I didn't have the scripts nor the teacher's CD to go with their textbook Mostly I teach junior and senior English majors. I love that age, that maturity level, that language ability. But, I'm falling in love with my freshmen childcare majors (non-English majors). They are a fun group of sweet, giggly girls. Just right for 8 in the morning on Mondays! :) I'm glad God delights in the details of our lives!! He knew I needed a something a little different this semester. :) (There is a lot more I could write about Chinese New Year, maybe I'll get around to it soon or maybe I won't till next year. We'll have to see. I make no promises.)

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