Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the secret of heart-peace in the time of distress If this world were governed by chance—no amount either of philosophy or of common sense could keep us from worrying; but we know that our Father is taking care of us! No little child in the best and most caring home, was ever carried so carefully or so safely in the love and thought and care of earthly parents—as is the least of God's little ones in the heavenly Father's heart! "So do not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them!" Matthew 6:31-32. The things we cannot help or change are in His hand, and belong to the "all things" which, we are assured, "work together for good, to those who love God." In the midst of all the great rush of events and circumstances, in which we can see no order and no design—we well know that each believer in Christ, is as safe as any little child in the arms of the most loving mother! Amid all life's trials and disappointments—our faith rests upon the character and the infinite goodness of God! We should have the faith of a little child—in a Father whose name is "Love" and whose power extends to every part of His universe! Here we find solid rock upon which to stand, and good reason for our lesson that we should never worry. Our Father is taking care of us! In a world like ours, there are many things which incline us to worry. There are disappointments which leave the hands empty after days and years of hope and toil. There are resistless thwartings of fondly cherished plans and purposes. There are bereavements which seem to sweep away every earthly joy. There are perplexities through which no human wisdom can lead the feet. There are experiences in every life—whose natural effect is to disquiet the spirit and produce deep and painful anxiety. If we are never to worry, what are we to do with these things which naturally tend to cause us worry? The answer is easy—we are to put all these disturbing and distracting things—into the hands of our Father! "Cast all your cares upon Him, because He cares about you!" 1 Peter 5:7. God is taking care of you—not overlooking the smallest thing, and you have but to cast all your cares and anxiety upon Him—and then be at peace. It is trying to carry our own cares, which produces worry! Our duty is to cast them all upon Christ! This is the secret of heart-peace in the time of distress, from whatever cause. (By J. R. Miller, "Don't Worry!" 1912. Public Domain as seen on Grace Gems.)
53 Only 53 days left till I go home for the summer!!! I can't wait!! It's been TWO full years since I've seen my family. That's just too long in my opinion!! My brother has gone from little boy to young man. My sister has gone from newlywed to new mom. My parents have/are both changed/changing jobs, and they totally redecorated the living areas of their home. Of course, skype video helps them feel not quite so far away . . . but it is not the same at all!! And, I am very thankful for things like email and flickr so that I can very easily share my life and be a part of theirs as well. Oh, so much better than waiting months for handwritten letters to cross the ocean. BUT . . . still . . . despite my thankfulness in technology helping us keep in touch easily . . . I am SO READY to see my family. To hug them and touch them and sit with them and play with them and just enjoy being with them! And . . . another way that I can tell that I am SO READY to go home is that every time I think about what I wanna eat I can only think of American foods and restaurants. Nothing Chinese sounds good anymore. For the past two years I've not had this "problem," but every time I know it's getting close to the time to go home I start having this "problem." I think it is funny how we "know" things on several levels. How subconsciously I am allowing myself to start to miss/desire American foods for the first time in two years. Oh sure, I've had random cravings for specific foods occasionally, but not the same as every single meal time only being able to think about American foods. (Speaking of American foods, Mom, do you think you can make chicken and dumplings even though it will be the middle of the summer? I've not had that in . . .what? . . . six years now??? Pretty please!!)

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