Tuesday, April 22, 2008

birthday cakes galore! One of the benefits of having 8 hours of class on my birthday is that over 140 people sang happy birthday to me! And . . . three of my classes surprised me with cakes!! The first class actually used another student from another class to tell me they were in an assembly in another building, and our class would be canceled and I was free to go home. I walked by their classroom before my class and it really was empty (little did I know they were hidding in the stairwell). I debated for a moment whether to trust them or not. I decided they were trustworthy. I sent a text to one of the students and told her what I expected them to have completed by our next class. But, about 5 min into class time the three guys in the class came into my office and told me the assembly was over and they were ready for class. So, we all went back to the classroom. I was thinking about how amazing these kids were since they were willing to have class even though they actually had a free pass for the final hour of the day. When we walked into the classroom, there was a party going on. :) (Can you see the numbers on the cake? That's right . . . 18!!!) ___ They had transformed the chalkboard into a giant birthday card. ___ Another class came back from the break during the second hour of class with a cake . . . and so we had a party too! :) ___ Even though my last class wasn't over till 9:00 and I didn't get home till after 9:30, some special friends were waiting for at my neighbor's home with pizza and cake to celebrate with me. I don't have picture of that cake, but here I am with my neighbor and her daughters. (I don't know if you can tell, but to me, I look SO TIRED.) ___ Then the following day, 15 minutes into class, some of the "absent students" came in carrying a cake and singing "Happy Birthday!" First thing one of them told me after singing was "you can't count me tardy" (apparently, I'm known for being strict about that.) ___ Then later during the week of my birthday, a dear friend, Anna, stopped by with a beautiful little cake to help me celebrate my birthday. She had seen my blog on Monday and thought I needed some cheering up--isn't that so sweet!! ___ So, if I had to be in school all day on my birthday, it was nice being surprised so many times! :) And, I also appreciate the others who through out the week made me feel special too. :)

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