Wednesday, July 16, 2008

making decisions I've made more decisions in the past three weeks than I think I have in the past three years!! I mean just deciding about the cake alone I think I must have made at least 15-20 decisions! It's crazy!! I had no idea wedding planning included this much deciding. I am SO thankful that we went with the inn. It was so much easier just answering her questions and choosing from preselected possibilities then thinking and searching and planning and trying to make it all work. Even having to think of all the questions that needed answering would be an insurmountable task! And don't even get me started on how hard making all those decisions on music are. Once I choose what song I want to use, I then have to sort through and find the version I like best. It can be overwhelming to say the least. I have set this task aside and will work with Lawrance on it when he is here. Oh, yeah, all that and I'm planning all the things I want Lawrance to experience while he is here for a month. And, I made a small registry . . . that just about killed me. I honestly was overwhelmed with all the decision making at that time. Do we really need this? Do we need that one or this one more? Is there room for this in our suitcases? Is it really worth the space and weight it will take up? I am SO thankful my brother (who for those of you who don't know is only 14) went with me. It's summer vacation; he was bored; there was a "gun" to use . . . it was a great excuse to get out of the house. Actually, he was a blessing. A few times he got a little impatient with me and was like "yes. get it;" scan. But, for the most part he helped me think though and make decisions. And most of all he was incredibly patient. I did however have to remove duct tape, a ficus tree, a turquoise tamale steamer, a bobble head thing, and a few other random surprise items off the registry when I got home. :) Oh, yeah, and another person who has been awesome in all this is my mom. She has also been really patient and understanding too. She also keeps chanting "no second guessing" or "nope, can't rethink it now" to me. :) After I added a fourth color two weeks ago, she stated firmly "no more changes." And, when I've vented to Lawrance he's been good about either encouraging me and supporting me or about helping me refocus and keep the Main thing the main thing. And, of course, he is constantly bathing the all of the wedding planning in prayer. What a blessing! Ok, so . . . . all that to say. . . . I am SO tired of making decisions. I have no idea how some of you...

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