Wednesday, July 16, 2008

our invitations (Now, I am "live blogging"--as opposed to reposting past posts--the wedding.) Yesterday I sent out our invitations to the American wedding. Yipee!! In planning our whole wedding . . . we don't necessarily want to "buck tradition," but we don't want to be bound by it or to it either. We are seeking to do things in a simple way that doesn't cause lots of stress and that also honors our Father. Ever since I saw my parent's wedding invitation when I was a child--which included an engagement photo of them on the invitation--I've also wanted a photo on my own wedding invitation. And since everyone we invite to the American wedding hasn't seen me in two years and won't meet Lawrance till August, we thought having photos on our wedding invite would help "introduce us." Originally I was going to just make my own photo-based wedding invitations, but we decided that paying someone to design them for us might cost a little more but would be less stress. So that is the route we took. We are both very pleased with the results!! In addition to going non-traditional with the layout/design/paper of our wedding invite we also changed the words of the invite to be uniquely ours but still seem formal/traditional. Here is the text of the invite (minus all the specific details): With joyful hearts Rev. & Mrs. Kenneth Parmley invite you to join them in celebrating the union of their daughter Amanda Nicole to Lawrance Aaron son of Mr. & Mrs. Sen-Song Wu as they glorify God for what He is graciously joining together. On the return address label we used a "double happiness" seal/stamp. This double happiness character is used at Taiwanese weddings and is hung on doors and walls of a new couple's room or home. It is called "double happiness" because it is the word "joy" twice. Kinda like "joy joy"--meaning that when two are joined together there is double the joy.

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