Friday, July 18, 2008

asian themed wedding Nope. Just in case you were wondering, we are NOT having an "Asian themed wedding." Not that there is anything wrong with one, but I want our American wedding to be American and our Taiwanese wedding to be Taiwanese . . . while at both of them still honoring both cultures. Does that make sense? So, we are not doing anything overtly "Asian" at our American wedding. No chipows, no lanterns, no deep red decorations, no fortune cookies (which are American anyway) and no "Chinese take out boxes" (which are also American). However, we will use Chinese during part of the ceremony, and the groom's cake will have some a fun Chinese inspired decoration. But, beyond that we are doing things in a colorful blast of gerbera daisy fun. :) The church ceremony of our Taiwanese wedding will be much more bilingual than our American wedding. My guess is that it will seem Taiwanese to the Americans and American to the Taiwanese . . . which is actually my desire. Not that both groups find it foreign, but that we do things in a way that is totally us . . . a blend of both cultures. However, our banquet in Taiwan will be very Taiwanese all the way. I'm not sure what all it will include, and I'm not sure that I will know until it is all said and done. I have heard talk of karoke though. Oh, and the part before the wedding, where the groom comes to get or take his bride will also be done in a Taiwanese way. So . . . that's what I know so far. Perhaps if we weren't also having a wedding celebration in Taiwan later or perhaps if I wasn't moving back to Taiwan after the wedding or perhaps if I wasn't actually marrying a Taiwanese man I would consider doing an Asian inspired theme for our wedding. But, as things stand now I've kinda been against the idea of a commercially done "asian" theme to the wedding here in Texas. However, I'm not opposed to things like using Taiwanese candy as our favors or putting the character for "double hapiness" on our invitation envelopes.

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