Wednesday, September 10, 2008

perfectionism Where do I sign up for the official membership card of the "yes, I struggle with perfectionism" club? Disclaimer: What follows is TOTAL stream of conscious rambling of some thoughts that just need to clear my head. Ok, so we've had our wedding pictures back for a little while now . . . and since I've not had time yet to do anything "perfectly" with them yet, they sit locked in my private flickr account. Poor little neglected photos, sitting there are wonderful and everything not able to be seen in all their splendor because I struggle with perfectionism. Actually, blogging and teaching for six years had helped me a lot to get over the need to be perfect in many ways . . . and yet I've slipped back up in the blogging aspect, so instead of continuing to give into it I am just going to bite the bullet and go for it again. I can't blog perfectly, so it is either blog imperfectly or not at all. I've decided I'd rather blog that not blog . . . so imperfect here we come. I'm not sure how being married will change the shape and scope of my blogging . . . I know it will but I still am not exactly sure how. I've got lots of blogging ideas bouncing around in my head. There are still lots of simply taiwan ideas to get out there; I still wanna blog all about the wedding; I still have lots to post about our time in Texas before (and after) the wedding . . .and then there's just regular life and my adventures in becoming a Taiwanese wife that is really American. So. . . thanks for your patience in the past few months as I slipped off the blogging train while I fell in love, got engaged and then married. In the coming months there is going to be some "back blogging" and some "current blogging" and just about everything in between . . . as I struggle to once again allow myself to be an imperfect blogger.

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