Tuesday, October 21, 2008

quasi-rehearsal on site After we worshiped together, we piled in cars and headed north to Salado. Then, we had a lunch time rehearsal with the family members who would be in the wedding. We didn't do a full, formal rehearsal because (1) the day before we were at my grandmother's 85th birthday party, (2) the night before there was another wedding going on, (3) there were only a few people involved--it didn't seem necessary, and (4) the groom's family didn't come to the wedding. Let's talk about that real quick. . . . Since the time from deciding to marry and the actual wedding was very short--three months--that made buying international tickets difficult. Originally it was his father's idea that we go ahead and marry this summer instead of waiting another year, so since it was their idea this softened my guilt of not having them be apart of the day. But really, this entire ceremony was a very Western/Christian thing to do . . . the ceremony we choose to do has little to no meaning to my new in-laws. This does NOT mean it is not important to them nor does it take away the sadness that they were unable to attend, but it does lessen the sadness a little. Also, we are going to also celebrate our marriage in a very Taiwanese way in the spring (6 months after our American wedding) which will be MUCH more meaningful and important to them. All involved felt ok with our decisions . . . and Lawrance didn't mind so (I made sure of that MANY times) . . . so this was what happened/is happening: we celebrate American style in America and Taiwanese style in Taiwan. Lawrance was also comforted by the fact that neither of my grandfathers had their families present at their weddings . . . he felt like he was in great company. :D (We also had another quasi-rehearsal a week earlier for some of the "little people" who would be in the wedding. We wanted them to know what to do, but didn't want them to have to stick around for several hours waiting for the wedding to start.) Here are a few shots from our informal and VERY HOT rehearsal:
putting on "the dress" and other bridal details Finding a modest wedding dress is NOT easy!! There are many more choices online than there are in the stores. . . but after just a few hours of trying on dresses, I realized how VERY important it is to actually try on the dress. Especially when the wedding day is less than 60 days away. :D So, what I ended up with is perhaps not one I would have picked had I had more time to be selective (picky), but I learned to love it and am happy with this choice. And, I was also very grateful that it fit without alterations; the only alterations needed were to add the bustle to the train. Oh, yes, and we added cap sleeves that I taped with body tape to my shoulders to keep in place and give just a little more coverage. Lawrance was totally unfamiliar with the "can't see the dress before the wedding" tradition in America . . . and not very happy about it either. He kept begging to see the dress. The dress hung in a bag on my bedroom door for a week before the wedding . . . he was very tempted to unzip the bag and take a peak. But somethings are worth waiting for. Later, he told me that he thought the wedding dress is like wrapping paper on a present. The Dress: Mom and Sarah helping me get dressed: Mom reassuring me (I love the look on her face here): Everyone helping out: I also took a few bridal shots before the wedding since I hadn't done that earlier: Some of the bridal details . . . The pearl earrings I wore were the same ones one my mother wore on her wedding day. My paternal grandmother had given them to her upon my parents' engagement. The necklace, was my "something borrowed," it also belongs to my mom. My dad gave it to her this past Christmas. I liked that it was simple and elegant. Just a single drop pearl on a The strand of tiny pearls around my wrist was my "something old." My mom had a broken pearl necklace that had belonged to her paternal grandmother (my great grandmother). Lawrance and I restranded the smallest of the pearls into a bracelet. I was so afraid it might break (they holes were very tiny so we had to use really skinny string) and that 60 precious little pearls would spill everywhere. But, it didn't. And, my shoes . . . cuz I wanted to go barefoot but that didn't please the groom . . . I compromised and wore sandals that I found at walmart for next to nothing . . . and that Lawrance absolutely loved. :) So, all was good there. And the lace on the dress . . . that was probably my favorite part of the whole dress . . . the train was lace!! Yay!! all ready . . . now let's get this party...

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